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All of us at Donaldson Ropes strive to deliver exceptional customer service to our clients and our greatest reward is good quality products and services.

Our clients are in all industries and all require a unique and customized service for their needs. We are proud of our clients and delighted they have selected Donaldson Ropes as their preferred rope and cordage distributor and fabricator.

We invite you to join our client family and experience our true quality service. Contact us today, we are here to help you.

A few of our extraordinary clients:

Capilano Suspension Bridge
We supplied all decorative and safefty netting for the Capilano TreeTops Adventure and their newest attraction, Capilano Cliffwalk.

Seaspan Marine Group
Our largest customer, we supply tie-up lines, scow lines, couplers and every custom rope needed for the Vancouver Harbour!

Donald Ropes supplies ropes and lines for Peter Kiewit & Son's Ltd, one of the largest and most respected construction and mining organizations in North America.

BC Ferries
We supply all nylon, polypropylene and manila cordage for the British Columbia Ferries.

Paramount Production
We supply theatrical ropes and twines for the movie and television industry.

Rosedale Swing Company
We supply manila rope for the production of all their eco-friendly swing rope products.

Fraser River Pile & Dredge
We supply all marine and tow lines and service customized rigging.

Heli-Excel Inc. (Quebec)
We supply heli-lines and cargo nets for the forest fire fighters, mining exploration and geo-physical surveys.

We supply various synthetic ropes for the Catalyst variety of BC Operations.

Mustang Helicopter
We manufacture heli-lines and cargo nets for passenger and freight transport, mining, forestry and emergency services.



"Seaspan International Ltd. receives an extremely high standard of service, product and technical backup from Donaldson Ropes which is a key contributor to Seaspan International's goal of a safe and efficient service to our customers.

Donaldson Ropes supplies all of our synthetic rope products. This includes the smallest of lash down lines used to secure loose items on deck to barge tie up lines used to secure a cargo of petroleum to the high end Tractor tug towlines used in ship assist work."

John Armstrong
VP Vessel Operations
Seaspan Marine Group

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"We are extremely satisfied with our  
'AM STEEL Blue' long lines. The lightness and strength of the "AMSTEEL Blue" line plus the protection cover that incorporates the electric cord that your company manufactures allow us to move loads in an efficient, practicable and safe manner.  

I would greatly recommend to any operator who wishes to replace their steel line for a synthetic line, that they work with Donaldson Ropes for their the AMSTEEL Blue line."

Joel Valentine
General Manager
Mustang Helicopters Inc.

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